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  title={World Federation of Public Health Associations},
  author={Wfpha By-Laws},
  journal={Journal of Public Health Policy},
  • Wfpha By-Laws
  • Published 1967
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  • Journal of Public Health Policy
• Oral health education including oral hygiene instructions and dietary advice, and access to affordable toothbrushes and toothpaste containing fluoride as soon as the first primary tooth erupts • Preventive interventions, appropriate to the infrastructure and priorities of the country, which may include dental sealants, community fluoridation, and regular fluoride varnish applications • Treatment of early stage decay to stop it from progressing to cavities, and treatment of dental cavities… 

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Dental public health capacity worldwide: Results of a global survey.
The World Federation of Public Health Associations' Oral Health Working Group (WFPHA OHWG) carried out a survey to establish the extent of global dental public health capacity, with an emphasis on having trained DPH specialists available in every country to collaborate in healthcare policy and provision.
Dental caries status of Dai preschool children in Yunnan Province, China
The caries prevalence and experience of the five-year-old Dai children in Yunnan, China was high, and almost half had severe caries, which was associated with gender, snack habits, dental visit habits, and oral hygiene status.
Assessment of oral candidiasis in patients with respiratory disease and efficacy of a new nystatin formulation.
The potential for enhanced drug delivery to the oropharynx suggests that nystatin pastilles may be useful in patients in whom poor compliance seems likely, and concomitant treatment of dentures in chronically infected patients appeared to improve the therapeutic response.
Health promotion meets globalisation
It is equally difficult to conceive of an area of public policy more essential to health than the economy the system of producing, distributing and consuming wealth.
Integrating oral health with public health systems under the framework of the Global Charter for the Public's Health.
New guidelines are provided on how oral and public health agendas can be aligned to overcome barriers that prevent effective and coordinated approaches and ways in which this goal can be achieved.
Fostering public health leadership in Africa
The 13 World Health Congress has been conducted between April 23-27, 2012 in Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) has successfully hosted the event. In addition to the
Primary Health Care in Nigeria: Strategies and constraints in implemntation
A review therefore, looks at the strategic trends and constraints in the implementation of PHC in Nigeria since the Alma Ata declaration.
Maternal anaemia and morbidity in South-Western Nigeria.
The highest levels of serum ferritin, alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) and C-reactive protein (CRP) occurred in the most anaemic women, and there was a significant association between serum retinol and Hb values.
Evaluation of a Nutrition Education Program in Oman: A Case Study
  • A. O. Musaiger
  • Medicine
    International quarterly of community health education
  • 1997
The findings revealed that ownership of televisions was higher than radios (95% and 85%, respectively) and of mothers, 61 percent watched the health and nutrition program on television compared to 41 percent who listened to these programs on radio.
Integration of complementary and traditional medicines in public health care systems: Challenges and methodology
A corrective, promotive and science based policy needs to be initiated for CTM to fully realize and materialize its potential and contribute more meaningfully to integrative health services.


The World Health Organization.
The data and methods used to produce the Version 2 estimates of burden of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy for the year 2000 are summarized and the long-term sequelae of both preeclampsia or eClampsia are not well evaluated.
( Dec 20 , 2018 ) . “ Timeline : The history of ethylene oxide , from WWII food rations to suburban air pollution ”
CH-1211 Geneva 4 E-mail: -Phone: + 41 (0) 22 379 04 53/55 -Fax: +41 (0) 22 379 04 52 Secretariat: c/o Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
Exclude vital human services such as health and water, from trade negotiations and challenge under the GATS, for all WTO countries
Mercury Fact Sheet, US Department of Health and Human Services
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Promote transparency and democratic accountability at all levels of trade negotiations
Proposed Draft Guidelines on Front - of - Pack Nutrition Labelling . Ontario Meeting
Sponsorship: progressing steadily. Still waiting to hear from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Statistical Yearbook 2009: Trends in displacement, protection and solutions
Total number of abstracts received: 2,021 including 124 identified as from Indigenous people. The abstract reviewing process has begun. Acceptance letters due to be sent 1 st week in October