Workshop on software engineering for cloud computing: (SECLOUD 2011)


Cloud computing is emerging as more than simply a technology platform but a software engineering paradigm for the future. Hordes of cloud computing technologies, techniques, and integration approaches are widely being adopted, taught at the university level, and expected as key skills in the job market. The principles and practices of the software engineering and software architecture community can serve to help guide this emerging domain. The fundamental goal of the ICSE 2011 Software Engineering for Cloud Workshop is to bring together the diverse communities of cloud computing and of software engineering and architecture research with the hopes of sharing and disseminating key tribal knowledge between these rich areas. We expect as the workshop output a set of identified key software engineering challenges and important issues in the domain of cloud computing, specifically focused on how software engineering practice and research can play a role in shaping the next five years of research and practice for clouds. Furthermore, we expect to share "war stories", best practices and lessons learned between leaders in the software engineering and cloud computing communities.

DOI: 10.1145/1985793.1986043

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