Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cluster and Grid Computing (VHPC 2008)


Virtual machine monitors (VMMs) are now integrated with a variety of operating systems and are moving out of research labs into scientific, educational and operational usage. Modern hypervisors exhibit a low overhead and allow concurrent execution of large numbers of virtual machines, each strongly encapsulated. VMMs can offer a network-wide abstraction layer of individual machine resources, thereby opening up new models for implementing high-performance computing (HPC) architectures in both cluster and grid environments. This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners active in exploring the application of virtualization in distributed and high-performance cluster and grid computing environments. Areas that are covered in the workshop series include VMM performance, VMM architecture and implementation, cluster and grid VMM applications, management of VM-based computing resources, hardware support for virtualization, but it is open to a wider range of topics. As basic virtualization technologies mature, the main focus of research now is techniques for managing virtual machines in large-scale installations. This was reflected in this year’s workshop, where five presentations were given on the management of virtualized HPC systems. In total seven papers were accepted for this year’s workshop, with an acceptance rate of approximately 39%. An invited talk by Bernhard Schott of the company Platform gave an overview of the company’s products relative to virtualization. The Chairs would like to thank the Euro-Par organizers, the members of the Program Committee along with the speakers and attendees, whose interaction created a stimulating environment. Our special thanks to Bernhardt Schott for accepting our invitation to speak at the workshop and we acknowledge the financial support of Citrix. VHPC is planning to continue the successful co-location with Euro-Par in 2009.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-00955-6_1

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