Workshop on Mobile Cognition: Using Mobile Devices to Enhance Human Cognition


With the mobile phone turning into a lifelogging device alongside with the prevalence of wearables, people are able to record, store, and make sense of their daily activities. Using such insights, applications can help monitor physiological data, motivate behavior change, but also create new ways to aid human memory: mobile devices not only allow us to create records of information, but also present us with proactive reminders and instant access to information relevant to the current situation and context serving as cognition support and for retrospection. This workshop brings together practitioners, designers and researchers with the goal of exploring the requirements, challenges and possibilities of mobile cognition, i.e. how to track activities beyond the physical realm, make sense of that data and feed it back to the user in meaningful ways to augment human cognition.

DOI: 10.1145/2786567.2795397

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