Workplace hate speech and rendering Black and Native lives as if they do not matter: A nightmarish autoethnography

  title={Workplace hate speech and rendering Black and Native lives as if they do not matter: A nightmarish autoethnography},
  author={Jeremy W. Bohonos},
The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been met with resistance and hostility by many whites who do not see the need for assertions regarding the value and worth of Black lives. Those who seek to disru... 
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The Longue Durée of Black Lives Matter.

  • A. Nelson
  • Political Science
    American journal of public health
  • 2016
The Movement for Black Lives extends the work of previous movements that challenged forms of oppression that act on Black bodies with impunity, and should be understood in the context of Ida B. Wells' anti-lynching campaign, Fannie Lou Hamer's reproductive justice demands, and the Black Panther Party's health activism.

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