Workplace Violence and Burnout Among Mental Health Workers.

  title={Workplace Violence and Burnout Among Mental Health Workers.},
  author={Andrea Aguglia and Martino Belvederi Murri and Claudia Conigliaro and Nicol{\`o} Cipriani and Marco Vaggi and Gabriele Di Salvo and Giuseppe Maina and Vito Cavone and Eugenio Aguglia and Gianluca Serafini and Mario Amore},
  journal={Psychiatric services},
OBJECTIVE The authors conducted a cross-sectional survey to investigate the association between episodes of patient aggression and burnout among mental health professionals. METHODS Scores of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) among 183 participants who completed a questionnaire on violence exposure were used as the outcome. Demographic and work-related variables were examined as potential moderators of the association between aggression and burnout. RESULTS Lifetime exposure to verbal or… 

Workplace Violence and Turnover Intention Among Psychiatrists in a National Sample in China: The Mediating Effects of Mental Health

Experience of WPV is a significant contributor to turnover intention among psychiatrists and policy makers and hospital administrators need to be aware of this association.

Job demands, organizational justice, and emotional exhaustion in prison officers

ABSTRACT Prison officers experience a number of occupational and organizational stressors, and are at considerable risk of burnout. There has been limited research examining the processes by which

[Determinants of the aggressive behaviors in nursing staff: a multicentric study].

The results of this study highlight how physical, verbal and sexual violence in nursing staff are non-isolated but highly frequent issues, being part of the daily working life of many health professionals.

Workplace violence against Chinese health professionals 2013–2021: A study of national criminal judgment documents

A comprehensive overview of medical WPV in China is presented and may have utility for the formulation of prevention strategies and to approach violence prevention strategies.

Hospital-Based Healthcare Workers Victims of Workplace Violence in Italy: A Scoping Review

In general, the prevalence of WPV against healthcare workers in Italy is high, especially in psychiatric and emergency departments and among nurses and physicians, but further studies are needed in order to gather systematic evidence of this phenomenon.

Reporting Incidents in the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Analysis of an electronic hospital incident reporting system (IRS) found a significant association between physical aggression and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorder emerged and could be helpful to identify high-risk patient groups and develop clinical strategies to reduce adverse events in clinical practice.

Incidents of aggression in German psychiatric hospitals: Is there an increase?

This is the most robust estimate of the frequency of violent incidents in German psychiatric hospitals thus far and is about half of what has been reported internationally, probably due to sample selection bias in previous studies and a relatively high number of hospital beds in Germany.

Burnout-Symptome bei Fachkräften in der Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie/Psychotherapie während des Winter-Lockdowns 2020/2021 der COVID-19-Pandemie

Zusammenfassung. Fragestellung: Fachkräfte in Kliniken und Abteilungen für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie/Psychotherapie erleben in ihrem Arbeitsalltag häufig Belastungen, die sich in Form von