Workplace Situation and Well-Being of Ecuadorian Self-Employed

  title={Workplace Situation and Well-Being of Ecuadorian Self-Employed},
  author={Nuria Ceular-Villamandos and Virginia Navajas-Romero and Lorena Caridad y L{\'o}pez del R{\'i}o and Lucia Zita Zambrano-Santos},
Due to novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the labor market is going to undergo a pro-found restructuring The creation of a new labor paradigm by all stakeholders is essential This doc-ument contributes to the current political and social debates about self-employment, the need for economic growth, and how these labor measures, which are deeply institutionalized, need a change of attitude for an adequate job reconstruction in terms of welfare and sustainability Currently, policy makers are… Expand
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