Workload Characterization Of Multithreaded Applications On Multicore Architectures


Multicore architectures are now available for a wide range of high performance applications, ranging from embedded systems to large scale servers deployed in cloud environments. Multicore architectures are usually subject to two conflicting goals: obtaining a full utilization of the cores while achieving given performance objectives, such as throughput, response time or reduced energy consumption. Moreover, there is a strong interdependence between the software characteristics of the applications, and the underlying CPU architecture. In this scenario, simulation and analytical techniques can provide solid tools to properly design the considered class of systems: however, properly characterize the workload on multithreaded application in multicore environment is not an easy task, and thus is an hot research topic. In this paper we present several models, of increasing complexity, that can characterize multithreaded applications running on multicore architectures.

DOI: 10.7148/2014-0480

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