Working it: the professionalization of amateurism in digital adult entertainment

  title={Working it: the professionalization of amateurism in digital adult entertainment},
  author={Kavita Ilona Nayar},
  journal={Feminist Media Studies},
  pages={473 - 488}
  • K. I. Nayar
  • Published 28 March 2017
  • Sociology
  • Feminist Media Studies
Abstract This article examines a sector of professional amateur work for women in the digital industry for adult entertainment known as “adult webcam modeling” (AWM). Through a selection of narratives, this paper explores the gendered meanings of AWM and the values women derive from their “amateur” sexual content creation. I draw particular attention to the complex union of professional and amateur roles and relations in the strategies women adopt to succeed in these spaces. On one level, they… 
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