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Working Paper 1704 May 2017 Growing Up without Finance

  title={Working Paper 1704 May 2017 Growing Up without Finance},
  author={James R. Brown and J. Cookson and Rawley Z. Heimer},


Bank Branch Supply and the Unbanked Phenomenon
An exogenous increase in the density of bank branches reduces the share of unbanked households among low income populations. This finding is established using US interstate branching deregulationExpand
Consumer Bankruptcy and Financial Health
Abstract This paper estimates the effect of Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection on financial health using a new data set linking bankruptcy filings to credit bureau records. Our empirical strategy usesExpand
Corporate Scandals and Household Stock Market Participation
Formative Experiences and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from the Finnish Great Depression
Formative experiences are a natural candidate for explaining heterogeneity in portfolio choice. However, identifying their impact is challenging because experiences can correlate with unobservablesExpand
Law and Finance Matter: Lessons from Externally Imposed Courts
This paper provides novel evidence on the real and financial market effects of legal institutions. Our analysis exploits persistent and externally imposed differences in court enforcement that aroseExpand
Ambiguity aversion and household portfolio choice puzzles: Empirical evidence.
In a representative US household survey, ambiguity preferences are measured using custom-designed questions based on Ellsberg urns and it is found that ambiguity aversion is negatively associated with stock market participation, but it is positively related to own-company stock ownership. Expand
Court Enforcement, Bank Loans, and Firm Investment: Evidence from a Bankruptcy Reform in Brazil
We exploit variation in the congestion of civil courts across Brazilian municipalities, together with a bankruptcy reform increasing secured creditors’ protection, to estimate the effect ofExpand
Demand, regulation, and welfare on the margin of alternative financial services
  • Working Paper.
  • 2016
Does the Geographic Expansion of Banks Reduce Risk?
We develop a new identification strategy to evaluate the impact of the geographic expansion of a bank holding company (BHC) across US metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) on BHC risk. For theExpand