Workflow support for inter-organizational design processes

  title={Workflow support for inter-organizational design processes},
  author={Ri Hai and Markus Heller and Wolfgang Marquardt and Manfred Nagl and Ren{\'e} W{\"o}rzberger},
  journal={Computer-aided chemical engineering},

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Tool Support for Dynamic Development Processes

This work has developed tools for integrating process management and workflow management such that repetitive fragments of the overall development process may be enacted in workflow management systems and monitored in the process management system.

Controlling Development Processes

  • T. Heer
  • Computer Science
    Aachener Informatik-Berichte, Software Engineering
  • 2011
This thesis describes a new concept for a process management system, which combines the strengths of the aforementioned tools and eliminates their deficiencies by substantial extensions with respect to task scheduling, progress measurement, and change management in development projects.



Models and Tools for Managing Development Processes

  • B. Westfechtel
  • Business, Engineering
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  • 1999
This work proposes an Adaptable Environment for Modeling and Managing Development Processes and a Management System for Mechanical Engineering based on the SUKITS Project.

AHEAD: A Graph-Based System for Modeling and Managing Development Processes

AHEAD supports evolving development processes by seamless interleaving of planning and execution and is based on programmed graph transformations; tools are generated from a graph-based specification.

A Process-Integrated Conceptual Design Environment for Chemical Engineering

The proposed prototype links commercial components operationally through advanced wrapping techniques, where the workflow is determined by constraint analysis in a logic-based meta model and executed through a process-integrated modeling environment.

WOMS – A Work Process Modeling Tool

  • M. Nagl and B. Westfechtel, editors, Modelle, Werkzeuge und Infrastrukturen zur Unterstützung von Entwicklungsprozessen, pp. 375–376
  • 2003

Workflow Process Definition Interface – XML Process Definition Language

  • Workflow Process Definition Interface – XML Process Definition Language
  • 1999

Task and information modeling for cooperative work

  • Smith and Salvendy. Proc. HCI Intl., vol. 2, pp. 172–176
  • 2001