Workerism and Politics

  title={Workerism and Politics},
  author={Mario Tronti},
  journal={Historical Materialism},
  • M. Tronti
  • Published 2010
  • Art
  • Historical Materialism
This is the text of Mario Tronti’s lecture at the 2006 Historical Materialism conference. It provides a brief, evocative synopsis of Tronti’s understanding of the historical experience and contemporary relevance of operaismo , a theoretical and practical attempt, embodied in journals such as Quaderni Rossi and Classe Operaia , to renew Marxist thought and politics in the Italy of the 1960s through a renewed attention to class-antagonism and the changing composition of labour. 
Theorists of Transformation
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  • Economics
    Insecurity, Precarious Work and Labour Markets
  • 2019
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