Work-Family Conflict

  title={Work-Family Conflict},
  author={Gina M. Bellavia and Michael K. Frone},
Deciding Between Work and Family: An Episodic Approach
This study examined work–family conflict decision-making based on a within–person, episodic approach. Based on 274 episodes across 78 individuals, we investigated the frequency of decisions that
Purpose of the Study: The primary objective of this study was to investigate work-family and family-work conflicts and the nature of these conflicts among teachers in schools of Southern Punjab,
Work-family conflict and facilitation among teachers in Israel and Switzerland
In this paper, we examine the attitudes toward integrating work and family in a sample of 247 teachers in Switzerland and Israel. More particularly, we focus on the national context’s role in
Work-Life Conflict During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic upended work, family, and social life. These massive changes may have created shifts in exposure to work-life conflict. Using a national survey that followed
Unemployment, Temporary Work, and Subjective Well-Being: The Gendered Effect of Spousal Labor Market Insecurity
The negative impact of unemployment on individuals and its spillover to spouses is widely documented. However, we have a gap in our knowledge when it comes to the similar consequences of temporary
The Jingle-Jangle of Work–Nonwork Balance: A Comprehensive and Meta-Analytic Review of Its Meaning and Measurement
A definition of work–nonwork balance is proposed drawing from theory, empirical evidence from the review, and normative information about how balance should be defined about how it is defined to remedy concerns raised by the review.
Expanding Conceptualizations of Work/Life in Higher Education: Looking Outside the Academy to Develop a Better Understanding Within
Over the last two decades, work/life balance has come to occupy an increasingly important place in the higher education literature. Research has focused on policy development and usage, demographic
Understanding the causes and consequences of work-family conflict: An exploratory study of Nigerian employees
Purpose – An important theme for a twenty-first century employee is a desire for work and family balance which is devoid of conflict. Drawing on detailed empirical research, the purpose of this paper