Work Ethic and Ethical Work: Distortions in the American Dream

  title={Work Ethic and Ethical Work: Distortions in the American Dream},
  author={Gayle Porter},
  journal={Journal of Business Ethics},
  • G. Porter
  • Published 23 April 2010
  • Economics
  • Journal of Business Ethics
Economic progress in the United States has been attributed to the successful combination of two social structures – capitalism as an economic system and democracy as a political system. At the heart of this interaction is a particular work ethic in which hard work is considered the path to both immediate and future rewards. This article examines the evolution of work ethic in the United States, as well as the returns experienced through various adaptations in the country’s history. From this… 

Relationships between work ethic and motivation to work from the point of view of the self-determination theory

The results show that selected dimensions of work ethic, such as centrality of work, valuing hard work, perceiving work as an obligation, anti-leisure sentiment and delay of gratification are positively related to autonomous dimensions of motivation: intrinsic motivation, integration and identification, and non-autonomous introjection.

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There has been an increasing interest on the work ethics and its various aspects among the academicians and practitioners. This is partly because of the ethical scandals that have occurred in the

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Successful Ethical Decision-Making Practices from the Professional Accountants’ Perspective by Tammy Webster MS, Strayer University 2005 BS, National-Louis University, 2000 Doctoral Study Submitted

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BACKGROUND: The current work describes the relationship between workplace incivility and counterproductive work behaviours as moderated by religious-inspired ethics. Drawing from conservation of

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This paper is concerned with examining the meaning of different forms of work found within the EU. Despite the increasing acknowledgement of the importance of the diversity of work forms within

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same again."' Although Pfeffer assembles a diverse set of relevant "laws," he often fails to integrate them in this sense. Pfeffer's identification of four competing models of decision making, for

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The collection of essays presents the pros and cons of the assertation "improving the place, the organization, and the nature of work can lead to better work performance and a better quality of life

Tocqueville revisited. The meaning of American prosperity.

  • C. Handy
  • Political Science
    Harvard business review
  • 2001
Charles Handy retraces Tocqueville's intellectual journey, this time focusing not on democracy but on capitalism, and lays out the challenges that must be overcome for tomorrow to indeed continue to be better than today in this still-young country.

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More than 60 years ago, psychologists identified a potential threat to democracy from within, namely the “antidemocratic personality” arising from the “authoritarian syndrome.” It was soon discovered

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