[Women's knowledge of health behaviors in the puerperium].


UNLABELLED The study was conducted on one hundred women hospitalized in obstetrical departments of hospitals in Bialystok. Material was collected using anonymous inquiry in the accordance with methodology of questionnaire creation. Over half responders (55%) correctly defined puerperium, however 19% of them couldn't explain what it means. Near 1/3 women answered that bloody puerperal excrements may be present to the end of puerperal period, 41% of women answered that during puerperium they are allowed to bath and only 22% of them considered physical exercises to be profitable. 52% of responders knew that newborn child should be breastfed for six months and that breastfeeding prevents breast from incidents of occlusion. 20% of mothers considered breastfeeding to be preventive from defects of bite and dental caries. CONCLUSIONS 1. Definition of puerperium caused problems for most of women. 2. The period of puerperium affected the mode of lifestyle and hygiene of women but most of them did not consider physical exercises to be profitable. 4. The most of women knew that breastfeeding is necessary for appropriate growth of their children.

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