Women resisting the vote: a case of anti feminism?

  title={Women resisting the vote: a case of anti feminism?},
  author={Martine Faraut},
  journal={Women's History Review},
  pages={605 - 621}
Abstract The resistance of women to the vote is often regarded as a form of anti-feminism, particularly when it has its roots in an attachment to gender roles. However, the arguments of the women of the Radical Right who opposed the franchise at the beginning of the twentieth century not only contributed to the public debate on woman's role in society but also unmistakably evoked some of the teachings of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, which, far from challenging the patriarchal ideology… 

Antimilitarism, Citizenship and Motherhood: the formation and early years of the Women’s International League (WIL), 1915–1919

ABSTRACT This article examines the concept of motherhood and peace in the British women’s movement during the Great War. It does so by focusing on the Women’s International League (WIL)—the British

“Woman Suffrage Would Undermine the Stable Foundation on Which Democratic Government is Based”: British Democratic Antisuffragists, 1904–1914

  • H. Bonin
  • Sociology
    Praktyka Teoretyczna
  • 2021
From 1904 to 1914, the British debate on women’s suffrage was at its height. Suffragism has been the subject of numerous studies, however, few have paid attention to its opponent, “antisuffragism”.

Liberal Politics, Women and the Public Sphere

  • Helen Loader
  • History, Political Science
    Mrs Humphry Ward and Greenian Philosophy
  • 2019
The formalisation of political and administrative structures within British society in the second half of the nineteenth century opened up new opportunities for women to participate in the public

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List of Plates General Editor's Preface Acknowledgements Introduction PART 1: THE ENLIGHTENMENT AND THE NATURE OF WOMEN PART 2: FEMINISM AND REPUBLICANISM: 'REPUBLICAN MOTHERHOOD' Republican

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Preface 1. Apologia Part 1: The Anti-Suffrage Mind 2. The Political Spectrum 3. Complicating Factors 4. The Heart of the Matter 5. Clubland Part 2: Organised Anti-Suffragism 6. Getting Launched 7.