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Women in the Mark's Gospel

  title={Women in the Mark's Gospel},
  author={Susan Heilmann Miller},
"[This] is a timely topic, one that has not yet been dealt with. Miller writes clearly and competently. The first chapter sets out her method, which draws from both literary critical and feminist work. She then treats the women of Mark's Gospel in sequence. Her work will provide a helpful supplement to the standard commentaries. It will also be useful in women's studies classes, and provides a nice example of a balanced feminist interpretation of the Gospels." --Dr. Alan Culpepper, Mercer… Expand
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Cruciform Discipleship: The Narrative Function of the Women in Mark 15–16
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-US-ASCII text omitted.)The argument for an intracanonical relationship between Mark and Paul has been proposed since at least the middle of the nineteenth century. PerhapsExpand
Métis and the New Testament: wisdom for Chinese women from Mark 7.24–30
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A study of the woman in the crowd and her desperate courage (Mark 5:21-43) : original research
This article examines the cameo appearance of an unnamed woman in the gospel of Mark, a member of a crowd following Jesus (Mk 5:24b-34). Chronically ill and probably dying, she thinks she isExpand
  • Nathanael Vette
  • History
  • Reading the Gospel of Mark in the Twenty-First Century
  • 2019
Elijah is the most frequently mentioned figure from the Hebrew Scriptures in the Gospel of Mark—yet, despite Elijah’s unusual prominence, relatively little has been written on the matter. In Mark’sExpand
Synoptic, redactional, stylistic and narratological observations on the retelling of Mark 7:30 in Matthew 15:28
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BUT THEIR FACES WERE ALL LOOKING UP”: AUTHOR AND READER IN THE PROTEVANGELIUM OF JAMES Eric M. Vanden Eykel, B.A., M.A., M.Div. Marquette University, 2014 This is a study about the Protevangelium ofExpand
The “Messianic” Anointing of Jesus (Mark 14:3—9)
Two peculiar elements of the Markan account of the anointing of Jesus in Bethany—the anointing of the head and the mandate to remember—suggest that the evangelist has transformed this memory into aExpand
Social Stratification
Every society has an organizational structure that reflects what is valued by that society. Those members of the society that are deemed more valuable or that contribute more to society are rewardedExpand
Od owocnej relacji między egzegezą i teologią zależy w znacznym stopniu duszpasterska skuteczność działalności Kościoła oraz życia duchowego wiernych.
The article consists of two parts. The first one, methodological, employs ob- servations made by N. K. Hayes how different forms of reading influence our reading of the Scripture and its message. TheExpand


Women as Models of Faith in Mark
Mark contains four anecdotes about women cast in a Greco-Roman literary form, the chreia, well known to the evangelist and his readers (5:24-34; 7:25-30; 12:41-44; 14:3-9). Chreiai, calledExpand
The Role of Women in Mark's Gospel
By examining the narrative roles of four women in Mark's Gospel (5:24b-34; 7:24-30; 12:41-44; 14:3-9) in relation to the narrator's development of key themes, this study demonstrates that Mark'sExpand
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