Women in the Legal Profession, 1970-2010: A Study of the Global Supply of Lawyers

  title={Women in the Legal Profession, 1970-2010: A Study of the Global Supply of Lawyers},
  author={Ethan Michelson},
  journal={Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies},
  pages={1071 - 1137}
  • Ethan Michelson
  • Published 21 December 2012
  • Sociology
  • Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
This article represents the first effort to measure the changing global supply and composition of lawyers over a period of several decades. In it I assemble data on lawyer populations and gender compositions from eighty-six countries and use them to calculate estimates for the rest of the world in order to paint a truly global picture of the changing supply of lawyers in general and of female lawyers in particular. Most of the data supporting my analyses come from a unique and hitherto untapped… Expand
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