Women in Rwandan Politics and Society

  title={Women in Rwandan Politics and Society},
  author={Claire Wallace and Christian Wilhelm Haerpfer and Pamela Abbott},
  journal={International Journal of Sociology},
  pages={111 - 125}
Rwanda has the highest representation of women in parliament in the world. Women are also well represented at other levels of governance and Rwanda has pursued a strong gender equity political agenda. This opened opportunities for a small number of women to enter elite positions. However, the situation of the majority of Rwandan women remains very poor and patriarchal attitudes are entrenched. This article considers factors that affect attitudes to gender equality in Rwanda and finds that among… 


Informed by the theory of women’s political representation, the present paper employs a thematic meta-synthesis method to investigate whether or not women political inclusion in political

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Rwandan women with HIV infection needed counselors and therapy for posttraumatic stress support groups food housing education about their illness and treatment and job training as well as income for their children’s food school fees uniforms and pencils.

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