Women and the Evolution of World Politics

  title={Women and the Evolution of World Politics},
  author={Francis Fukuyama},
  journal={Foreign Affairs},
  • F. Fukuyama
  • Published 1 September 1998
  • Political Science
  • Foreign Affairs
In the worlds largest captive chimp colony at the Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands, a struggle worthy of Machiavelli unfolded during the late 1970s. As described by primatologist Frans de Waal, the aging alpha male of the colony, Yeroen, was gradually unseated from his position of power by a younger male, Luit. Luit could not have done this on the basis of his own physical strength, but had to enter into an alliance with Nikkie, a still younger male. No sooner was Luit on top, however, than… 

The Suffragist Peace Joslyn N . Barnhart

Preferences for conflict and cooperation are systematically different for men and women. At each stage of the escalatory ladder, women prefer more peaceful options. They are less apt to approve of

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It is an interesting time in world politics. Neoliberal globalization seems on the back foot especially after an unexpected Brexit. Europe faces the prospect of realigning itself after the UK vote to


This thesis is rooted in an exploration of protest encampments as sites of subversive political potential. In particular, it offers a discussion of two camp sites in their specific historical and

Highways, heroes, and secular martyrs: the symbolics of power and sacrifice

  • Tina Managhan
  • Political Science
    Review of International Studies
  • 2011
Abstract This article examines the subtle and not so subtle shifts in Canadian political culture that have taken place in, through and alongside the so-called ‘return’ of the Canadian warrior. It

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Although the number of female leaders worldwide has yet to achieve par with that of male leaders, a growing number of female heads of state and female candidacies for that position signal that

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This article analyses the Asian miracle both as an ideological construct and as an empirical experience. As an ideological construct, the Asian miracle can best be understood in the context of the

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In the past few years, university programs that focus on the study of peace and conflict have come under attack by certain people who seem to think that peace itself is a bad word. Their efforts pose

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In modern society, despite all the wins, women have often been known to try to bring other women down. One can realize this in children's conversations, in adult stereotypes, in our movies. This in

Female Rule in the Indian Ocean World (1300–1900)

An outstanding feature of the early modern Indian Ocean World is the large number of women who exercised formal sovereign political power. Based on a systematic survey of 277 queens regnant in the

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In an era of wealth and opportunity, a simple fact demands our attention; most of the world’s people lack basic human needs. Their daily struggle is a stark contrast to the privileged lives that a