Women Trafficked Into Prostitution: Determinants, Human Rights and Health Needs

  title={Women Trafficked Into Prostitution: Determinants, Human Rights and Health Needs},
  author={Olga Gajic-Veljanoski and Donna Eileen Stewart},
  journal={Transcultural Psychiatry},
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Human trafficking is an international challenge that increasingly affects industrialized countries. It represents a gross violation of a person's right to liberty and freedom of movement, and is often accompanied by violence and degrading treatment which can have detrimental effects on health. In this article, we review the definition and extent of human trafficking, and focus on the human rights abuses and determinants of trafficking in women. Mental health and other health outcomes are… 
Exploring the occupational injustices of human trafficking
It is argued that across different types of exploitation, in diverse geographical locations, forced occupation and a lack of meaningful occupation, both have a negative impact on health, and that the individual experiences of exploitation reflect collective injustices.
Human Trafficking Is More Than Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
The human trafficking discussion has focused primarily on women and children who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. However, as social workers confront the issue, they require an understanding
The Role of the Nurse in Combating Human Trafficking
  • D. Sabella
  • Political Science
    The American journal of nursing
  • 2011
How to recognize signs that a person is being trafficked and how to safely intervene is described, and an extensive resource list is offered.
Health Outcomes Among Women Trafficked for Sex in the United States
Overall, findings suggest that the experiences in sex work of domestic trafficking victims were dissimilar to those of international trafficking victims, and domestic traffickers displayed poorer health outcomes compared to international victims.
Mental Health Rehabilitation in Victims of Sex Trafficking
The specific mental health disorders diagnosed within this population will be discussed, and treatments used currently and future treatments presently being researched and evaluated regarding their potential for use in the trafficked population are evaluated.
Trafficking in persons: a health concern?
The government, international and local organisations should work together with the public health research community to study the health needs of trafficked persons and explore opportunities to provide safe and appropriate services to victims in need of care.
Human trafficking: the role of the health care provider.
Assisting victims of human trafficking: strategies to facilitate identification, exit from trafficking, and the restoration of wellness.
  • D. Hodge
  • Psychology, Sociology
    Social work
  • 2014
The topics of victim identification, exit from trafficking, and the restoration of psychological wellness are discussed and social work practitioners can advance social justice on behalf of some of the most exploited people in the world.
An International Comparative Public Health Analysis of Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls in Eight Cities: Achieving a More Effective Health Sector Response
To understand the intersection of sex trafficking and public health, in-depth qualitative interviews among 277 antitrafficking stakeholders across eight metropolitan areas in five countries found that multiple sociocultural and economic factors facilitate sex trafficking, including child sexual abuse, the objectification of women and girls, and lack of income.
Access to healthcare for victims of human trafficking: a focus group with third sector agencies
To enable safeguarding and individualised care to become embedded, a shift in culture and a move away from judging healthcare need on immigration status was recognised as a key requirement.


Trafficking and health
Concerns that efforts to reduce trafficking may be making conditions worse for voluntary migrants are illustrated with evidence from research conducted among child migrants in Mali who had been returned from the Ivory Coast and Vietnamese sex workers in Cambodia.
Is trafficking a health issue?
Trafficking for Prostitution in Italy
An overview of the problem of trafficking for prostitution in Italy is given and different trafficking dynamics according to countries of origin of the victims are noted, focusing on the trafficking of Nigerian women and girls to Italy.
Half-hearted protection: What does victim protection really mean for victims of trafficking in Europe?
This paper looks at the kind of measures taken in some European Union countries to protect trafficked persons, particularly regarding temporary rights to stay for victims of trafficking, and suggests what else needs to be taken into account in order to combat the problem more effectively.
Used, Abused, Arrested and Deported: Extending Immigration Benefits to Protect the Victims of Trafficking and to Secure the Prosecution of Traffickers
Organized crime rings exploit 700,000 to 4 million new victims of human trafficking each year, typically luring them across borders where they are more vulnerable to abuse. Trafficking in
The transnational political criminal nexus of trafficking in women from Ukraine
Throughout the 1990s, tens of thousands of Ukrainian women were trafficked into prostitution. This phenomenon was researched by collecting data through interviews and surveys in Ukraine, media