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Women Professors as Intellectual Leaders

  title={Women Professors as Intellectual Leaders},
  author={Bruce Macfarlane and Damon Burg},

Perceived Traits for Future Women Academic Leaders in Malaysian Higher Education Institutions

Malaysian higher education institutions are currently dominated by the female gender, according to the Ministry of Higher Education 2020's statistics. However, the number of women academics becoming

Multi-Level State Interventions and Gender Equality in Higher Education Institutions: The Irish Case

Much of the work on gender equality in higher educational institutions (HEIs) has concentrated on the organizational level. The original contribution of this article lies in its focus on state policy

Interviewing elite women professors: Methodological reflections with feminist research ethics

Interviewing senior professors in universities is a common qualitative method of conducting leadership research on higher education. Like other types of elite interviews, researching established

Inhabiting and researching the spaces of higher education

When I arrived in the UK 15 years ago, my research experience had thus far concentrated on the field of employment and social justice, which I had studied and researched in France, Ireland and Italy.



Intellectual Leadership in Higher Education: Renewing the role of the university professor

and training to higher education. A comparative documentation of ratios of non-traditional educational pathways is excellently provided in table 6.2 and a similar analysis in 6.3. More analysis of

Women of Color in Academe: Living with Multiple Marginality

Analysis of data from the 1993 National Survey of Postsecondary Faculty shows that faculty value teaching over research. At the same time, the explicit reward structure of academe favors research and

Who do they think they are? The changing identities of professional administrators and managers in UK higher education

Contemporary universities, serving mass higher education markets, find themselves delivering complex, broadly based projects such as student support and welfare, human resource development, and

Academic Capitalism: Politics, Policies, and the Entrepreneurial University

The globalization of the political economy at the end of the twentieth century is destabilizing the patterns of university professional work developed over the past hundred years. One of the major

In the wings and backstage: exploring the micropolitics of leadership in higher education. Research report

Why micropolitics? Higher education leadership research, my own included1, reveals gaps in our understanding about the less visible, and perhaps less conscious activity that lies beneath formal

Managing leadership in the UK university: a case for researching the missing professoriate?

This article offers a critical review of literature dealing with the topic of educational management and academic leadership as applied to the role of the professor or professoriate in the UK. The

Balancing Gender in Higher Education

This article discusses women's positions in higher education in Europe and compares these with a case study analysis of senior women at one `new' UK university. The study comprises interview data

Professors as intellectual leaders: formation, identity and role

The literature on leadership in higher education is predominantly concerned with the role of formally designated senior managers such as heads of department and deans of faculty. By contrast,