Women's empowerment and education: Panchayats and women's Self-help Groups in India

  title={Women's empowerment and education: Panchayats and women's Self-help Groups in India},
  author={Ratna Ghosh and P. C. Chakravarti and Kumari Mansi},
  journal={Policy Futures in Education},
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While women have made many advances, their inferior status to men continues to be a global phenomenon. At a time of unprecedented economic growth, India is experiencing a dramatic intensification of violence against women and the majority of girls are still not getting equal educational opportunity. In one of the most important steps for the empowerment of women, the Indian government gave constitutional status to village-level councils or Panchayati Raj institutions and reserved 33% of the… Expand
Development and Growth of Women Empowerment of Selected Indicators in West Bengal- An Empirical Study
Abstract: Women empowerment is radically the route of increasing and progression of woman's position of mainly in financial, political, educational and social stage. Literacy and Education isExpand
A study of effectiveness of Kanyashree Prakalpa in women empowerment in Murshidabad district of West Bengal: Role and contribution of teachers, Gram Panchayets and librarians
Women represent nearly half of the population and if empowered, will enhance the pace of national development. Education is considered as a milestone for women empowerment because it enables them toExpand
The Role of the Academic and Political Empowerment of Women in Economic, Social and Managerial Empowerment: The Case of Saudi Arabia
Women may be considered to have hidden, unutilized potential for the economy and society, if not utilized at their full capacity, i.e., with effective educational, social and political policies.Expand
Women Entrepreneurship in India: An overview
Entrepreneurship amongst women has been a recent development. Women constitute around half of the total world population. So is in India also. They are therefore, regarded as the better half of theExpand
The Role of Education in Women's Career Life in Emerging Economies: A Case of Turkey
This chapter aimed to explain the role of education on women’s career in emerging countries. In this context, this study investigated the importance of education factor for working women in Turkey asExpand
Is Educating Girls the Best Investment for South Asia? Association Between Female Education and Fertility Choices in South Asia: A Systematic Review of the Literature
A negative relationship seems to exist between levels of literacy and total fertility rates in South Asian females which if further improved may contribute to longer-term improvements in maternal and child health. Expand
Socio-emotional competencies, socio-economic factors, and the employability process of female graduates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Employability is a key concern for many stakeholders, students, graduates, universities, organisations, and national decision-making bodies. Due to its ability to influence the paths towards success,Expand
Coastal Community Empowerment Based on Transformative Learning in the Processing of Marine Products in Maluku Province
This research is conducted simultaneously with the incessant attention to the empowerment of society in many countries in the world. People who work as fishermen who inhabit the coastal areas ofExpand
Demographic Transition in the Past and Projected Five Decades in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1967-2068: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
Aims: This study assessed the demographic transition in the past and projected five decades in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1967-2068: Empirical evidence from Nigeria. Study Design: Past and projected timeExpand


Conflicts Over Credit: Re-Evaluating the Empowerment Potential of Loans to Women in Rural Bangladesh
This paper explores the reasons why recent evaluations of the empowerment potential of credit programs for rural women in Bangladesh have arrived at very conflicting conclusions. Although theseExpand
Rent-Seeking and Gender in Local Governance
Abstract The paper examines the relationship between corruption and gender in the context of local government in India, using a Logit model. Recent debates about women's participation in electoralExpand
Political Reservation and Substantive Representation: Evidence from Indian Village Councils
Female presence in India’s state and national legislatures hovers at ten percent. Concerns that this limits the political voice available to women has led to the introduction and subsequent passageExpand
Why Have Women Become Left-Wing? The Political Gender Gap and the Decline in Marriage
The last three decades have witnessed the rise of a pohtical gender gap in the United States wherein more women than men favor the Democratic party. We trace this development to the decline inExpand
  • Grant Miller
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New evidence is presented on how suffrage rights for American women helped children to benefit from the scientific breakthroughs of the bacteriological revolution as cause-specific reductions occurred exclusively among infectious childhood killers sensitive to hygienic conditions. Expand
The Government of India
The Government of India (GoI) has taken major initiatives to accelerate the development and implementation of e-Governance and to create right environments for introducing G2G, G2B, G2E and G2CExpand
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