Women's History and the Sears Case

  title={Women's History and the Sears Case},
  author={Ruth Milkman},
  journal={Feminist Studies},
positively and seek greater recognition and status for traditionally female values and forms of behavior? This tension between equality and difference has divided feminists in a variety of contexts. It is central to the debates over "women's culture" in feminist historical scholarship, for example.' Scholars analyzing women's experience, of course, can hedge on the issue, aiming for a balanced perspective that incorporates the insights of both positions. But in more immediately political… Expand
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T he relationship among difference, sameness, and equality is one of the founding relationships of liberal democracies. It was an assumption made by John Locke that different talents, motivations,Expand


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Sears, Roebuck and Company: A Personal Account
This article was first published in Radical History Review No. 25, 1986. Since then the controversy has escalated dramatically, with articles in the New York Times and Ms magazine and editorials inExpand
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I think that it is the responsibility of the scholar to see that public policy is based on sound premises, even if doing so means criticizing the EEOC," she said. "Back
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Statement, 9 (emphasis in the original). As mentioned above, this affirmative action plan was instituted after the original EEOC commissioner's charge
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