Women’s orgasm obstacles: A qualitative study

  title={Women’s orgasm obstacles: A qualitative study},
  author={Maryam Nekoolaltak and Zohreh Keshavarz and Masoumeh Simbar and Ali Mohammad Nazari and Ahmad Reza Baghestani},
  journal={International Journal of Reproductive Biomedicine},
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Background: Woman’s orgasm plays a vital role in sexual compatibility and marital satisfaction. Orgasm in women is a learnable phenomenon that is influenced by several factors. Objective: The aim of this study is exploring obstacles to orgasm in Iranian married women. Materials and Methods: This qualitative study with directed content analysis approach was conducted in 2015-2016, on 20 Iranian married women who were individually interviewed at two medical clinics in Tehran, Iran. Results… Expand
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Prevalence and related factors for anorgasmia among reproductive aged women in Hesarak, Iran
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Public sexual health promotion interventions and strategies: A qualitative study
General actions and integration of specific actions in the health system, such as empowering individuals’ needs for promoting sexual health, necessitates the review of the current health system in Iran. Expand
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The existing therapeutic interventions for orgasmic disorders: recommendations for culturally competent services, narrative review
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Sexual satisfaction, sexual compatibility, and relationship adjustment in couples: the role of sexual behaviors, orgasm, and men's discernment of women's intercourse orgasm.
The findings suggest that specifically penile-vaginal intercourse frequency and vaginal orgasm consistency are associated with indices of greater intimate relationship adjustment, satisfaction, and compatibility of both partners, and that women's masturbation is independently inversely associated with measures of dyadic and personal function. Expand