Women, the Hijab and the Intifada

  title={Women, the Hijab and the Intifada},
  author={Rema Hammami},
Entre la tierra y el honor: estrategias de resistencia de las mujeres palestinas
The Palestinian women’s movement emerged early in the 20th century and from its beginnings it was associated with the national liberation movement. Its nationalistic rhetoric made the protection of
Academic life under occupation : the impact on educationalists at Gaza's universities
This sociological study explores the past and current higher education (HE) experience of educationalists at Gaza’s universities and how this experience may be evolving in the shifting
The Palestinian Women's Movement versus Hamas: Attempting to Understand Women's Empowerment outside a Feminist Framework
Introduction In late spring of 2007, I travelled to the occupied Palestinian West Bank to conduct my Ph.D. fieldwork on female Islamists affiliated with Hamas. I took the opportunity also to attend
MERIP's 50 Years of Women and Gender
Abstract Drawing on a reading of MERIP's articles related to women's and gender studies over the course of its 50-year history, this piece reflects on how MERIP's forays into this field formed part
The Veil in Islam and Randah Abdel-Fattah’s Does My Head Look Big In This?
This essay will discuss the concept of the veil that the Muslim woman uses vis-à-vis Randa Abdel Fattah’s novel Does My Head Look Big In This? (2006). It is an Australian novel published by Pan
Die Generation Oslo im Westjordanland
ISSN: 2699-0989 He nd rik H in ric hs en D ie G en er at io n O sl o im W es tjo rd an la nd I den letzten 50 Jahren veränderte sich die palästinensische Gesellschaft im Westjordanland tiefgreifend.