Wolbachia Infections of the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci

  title={Wolbachia Infections of the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci},
  author={Androniki Nirgianaki and Gina K. Banks and Donald R. Frohlich and Zoe Veneti and Henk R. Braig and Thomas A. Miller and Ian D. Bedford and Peter G. Markham and Charalambos Savakis and Kostas Bourtzis},
  journal={Current Microbiology},
We report the first systematic survey for the presence of Wolbachia endosymbionts in aphids and whiteflies, particularly different populations and biotypes of Bemisia tabaci. Additional agriculturally important species included were predator species, leafhoppers, and lepidopterans. We used a polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based detection assay with ribosomal 16S rDNA and Wolbachia cell surface protein (wsp) gene primers. Wolbachia were detected in a number of whitefly populations and species… CONTINUE READING