Wnt7b regulates placental development in mice.

  title={Wnt7b regulates placental development in mice.},
  author={Brian A. Parr and Valerie Cornish and Myron I Cybulsky and Andrew P. McMahon},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={237 2},
Secreted Wnt proteins regulate many developmental processes in multicellular organisms. We have generated a targeted mutation in the mouse Wnt7b gene. Homozygous Wnt7b mutant mice die at midgestation stages as a result of placental abnormalities. Wnt7b expression in the chorion is required for fusion of the chorion and allantois during placental development. The alpha4 integrin protein, required for chorioallantoic fusion, is not expressed by cells in the mutant chorion. Wnt7b also is required… CONTINUE READING