Wnt10b Promotes Differentiation of Mouse Hair Follicle Melanocytes

  title={Wnt10b Promotes Differentiation of Mouse Hair Follicle Melanocytes},
  author={Jixing Ye and Tian Yang and Haiying Guo and Yinhong Tang and Fang Deng and Yuhong Li and Yizhan Xing and Li Yang and Ke Yang},
  booktitle={International journal of medical sciences},
Previous research has revealed that Wnt10b activates canonical Wnt signaling, which is integral to melanocyte differentiation in hair follicles (HFs). However, the function of Wnt10b in HF melanocytes remains poorly understood. We determined using Dct-LacZ transgenic mice that Wnt10b is mainly expressed near and within melanocytes of the hair bulbs during… CONTINUE READING