Wnt-related SynGAP1 is a neuroprotective factor of glutamatergic synapses against Aβ oligomers

  title={Wnt-related SynGAP1 is a neuroprotective factor of glutamatergic synapses against Aβ oligomers},
  author={Juan Francisco Codocedo and Carla Montecinos-Oliva and Nibaldo C. Inestrosa},
  booktitle={Front. Cell. Neurosci.},
Wnt-5a is a synaptogenic factor that modulates glutamatergic synapses and generates neuroprotection against Aβ oligomers. It is known that Wnt-5a plays a key role in the adult nervous system and synaptic plasticity. Emerging evidence indicates that miRNAs are actively involved in the regulation of synaptic plasticity. Recently, we showed that Wnt-5a is able to control the expression of several miRNAs including miR-101b, which has been extensively studied in carcinogenesis. However, its role in… CONTINUE READING

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