Wnt Signaling and the Control of Human Stem Cell Fate

  title={Wnt Signaling and the Control of Human Stem Cell Fate},
  author={Jasmijn K. Van Camp and Sigri Beckers and Doreen Zegers and Wim van Hul},
  journal={Stem Cell Reviews and Reports},
Wnt signaling determines major developmental processes in the embryonic state and regulates maintenance, self-renewal and differentiation of adult mammalian tissue stem cells. Both β-catenin dependent and independent Wnt pathways exist, and both affect stem cell fate in developing and adult tissues. In this review, we debate the response to Wnt signal activation in embryonic stem cells and human, adult stem cells of mesenchymal, hematopoetic, intestinal, gastric, epidermal, mammary and neural… CONTINUE READING