Wiyot-Yurok-Algonkian and Problems of Comparative Algonkian

  title={Wiyot-Yurok-Algonkian and Problems of Comparative Algonkian},
  author={Mary R. Haas},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
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  • M. Haas
  • Published 1 April 1966
  • Linguistics
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
This implies a complete misunderstanding of what Sapir actually said as well as some confusion about the devices of nomenclature commonly used by Kroeber, Dixon, Sapir, and others in the early part of this century. As it turns out, Sapir's classification is identical with Teeter's, as will be shown in what follows. In Wiyot and Yurok, Algonkin Languages of California,2 Sapir is using the word 'Algonkin' in a special sense which, to be sure, he does not explain until the concluding paragraph… 
Two Phonological Innovations in Ritwan
  • H. Berman
  • Linguistics
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1982
0. The Algonquian-Ritwan language family consists of the Algonquian languages, spoken over a large portion of eastern North America from the Great Plains to the Atlantic coast, and the Ritwan
The Contribution of a Century of Americanist Studies to Historical Linguistics
  • D. Beck
  • Linguistics
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 2017
Since the launch of IJAL 100 years ago, historical linguistics has been a central concern of researchers working on the languages of the Americas, and diachronic studies of New World language
Adelaar, Alexander. 1989. Les langues austronésiennes et la place du Malagasy dans leur ensemble. Archipel 38:25–52. Adelaar, Alexander. 1997. Grammar notes on Siraya, an extinct Formosan language.
Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of Linguistic Diversity
It is suggested that future analyses should account for interactions among causal factors, the lack of spatial and phylogenetic independence of the data, and transitory patterns, and future modeling approaches should also evaluate how the outcomes of these processes are influenced by demography, environmental heterogeneity, and time.


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