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Witzenhausen : " Utilisation of diversity in land use systems : Sustainable and organic approaches to meet human needs " ANLYSIS OF THE DETERMINANTS OF MARKET PARTICIPATION WITHIN THE SOUTH AFRICAN SMALL-SCALE LIVESTOCK SECTOR 1

  title={Witzenhausen : " Utilisation of diversity in land use systems : Sustainable and organic approaches to meet human needs " ANLYSIS OF THE DETERMINANTS OF MARKET PARTICIPATION WITHIN THE SOUTH AFRICAN SMALL-SCALE LIVESTOCK SECTOR 1},
  author={Sirak T. Bahta and Siegfried Bauer},
The livestock sector plays a crucial role in the household food security and poverty alleviation of many developing countries by producing protein-rich food supplies, generating income and employment. It is identified, in the Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Strategy, as a most likely agricultural enterprise to improve the livelihood of small scale livestock farmers in South Africa. However, not much has changed as far as livestock marketing is concerned. This situation requires an in… Expand

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