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Without Narrative: Child Sexual Abuse

  title={Without Narrative: Child Sexual Abuse},
  author={Lynne N. Henderson},
The Aftermath of Provocation: Homicide Law Reform in Victoria, New South Wales and England
Over the past decade, homicide law reform surrounding the partial defences to murder has animated debate among criminological scholars and legal stakeholders in Australia and the United Kingdom. In
“I remember”, “I thought”, “I know I didn't say”: Silence and memory in trauma narratives
This qualitative study examines the narratives of four female survivors and illustrates the importance of listening with an ear towards the various layers of silence held within them, as well as drawing attention to the potential limitations of memory research.
The Construction of Functional Identities in Forensic Interviews with Children
This study focuses on the functional identities of legal witness, legal victim, and legal perpetrator and their co-construction in the forensic interviews that take place after allegations of child
‘Subversive stories and hegemonic tales’ of child sexual abuse: from expert legal testimony to television talk shows
  • Carrie Doan
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Law in Context
  • 2005
This article explores the cultural and legal contexts in which the construction of childhood sexual abuse has taken place over the past three decades in the United States. It also explores a
Hurt Feelings
ABSTRACT Beginning with a historical examination of the definition and study of psychological trauma, this article places trauma and abuse within a relational theoretical context to explore new


Adjudication of child sexual abuse cases.
Research about the believability of child witnesses is reviewed and accommodations for the child that could assist the child witness and encourage accurate testimony are discussed to continue to protect the rights of the accused.
Law, Behavior, and Mental Health: Policy and Practice
This comprehensive new volume on psychology and the law is an essential reference for students and professionals. It offers the most up-to-date information on issues such as malpractive,
Psychiatry and the Presumption of Expertise: Flipping Coins in the Courtroom
The validity of predictions of the effect of hospitalization and treatment and the reliability of Psychiatric Judgments are compared.
Child Abuse: A Problem for Feminist Theory, 2 Tex
  • J. Women & L
  • 1993
California Child Victim Witness Judicial Advisory Committee Final Report, supra note 246
    One example is the early testimony on Battered Woman Syndrome. For attacks on battered woman syndrome evidence, see Anne M. Coughlin, Excusing Women, 82 Cal
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    Immediate and Long-Term Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse, 4 The Future of Children
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