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Within-class covariance normalization for SVM-based speaker recognition

  title={Within-class covariance normalization for SVM-based speaker recognition},
  author={Andrew O. Hatch and Sachin S. Kajarekar and A. Stolcke},
  • Andrew O. Hatch, Sachin S. Kajarekar, A. Stolcke
  • Published in INTERSPEECH 2006
  • Computer Science
  • This paper extends the within-class covariance normalization (WCCN) technique described in [1, 2] for training generalized linear kernels. [...] Key Method Our approach involves using principal component analysis (PCA) to split the original feature space into two subspaces: a low-dimensional “PCA space” and a high-dimensional “PCA-complement space. After performing WCCN in the PCA space, we concatenate the resulting feature vectors with a weighted version of their PCAcomplements. When applied to a state-of-the…Expand Abstract
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