Within- and across-channel processes in modulation detection interference.

  title={Within- and across-channel processes in modulation detection interference.},
  author={L L Mendoza and J. W. Hall and John H. Grose},
  journal={The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
  volume={97 5 Pt 1},
Modulation detection interference (MDI) describes the effect of an amplitude-modulated sound on detection of amplitude modulation (AM) on a spectrally distant target sound. In MDI, AM detection is worsened by an AM interfering sound. Previous research has implicated both within-channel and across-channel processes as the basis for MDI. This study examined the detection of 10-Hz sinusoidal AM as a function of the spectral relationship, gating synchrony, and ear of presentation of the target and… CONTINUE READING

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