Withanolide D Exhibits Similar Cytostatic Effect in Drug-Resistant and Drug-Sensitive Multiple Myeloma Cells

  title={Withanolide D Exhibits Similar Cytostatic Effect in Drug-Resistant and Drug-Sensitive Multiple Myeloma Cells},
  author={M. Issa and E. Wijeratne and A. Gunatilaka and M. Cuendet},
  journal={Frontiers in Pharmacology},
In spite of recent therapeutic advances, multiple myeloma (MM) remains a malignancy with very low curability. This has been partly attributed to the existence of a drug-resistant subpopulation known as cancer stem cells (CSCs). MM-CSCs are equipped with the necessary tools that render them highly resistant to virtually all conventional therapies. In this study, the growth inhibitory effects of withanolide D (WND), a steroidal lactone isolated from Withania somnifera, on drug-sensitive tumoral… Expand
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