• Biology
  • Published 2016

With a-Thalassemia-Like Expression

  title={With a-Thalassemia-Like Expression},
  author={George R. Honig and Mir Shamsuddin and Rina Zaizov and Mina Steinherz and Irith Solar and Chava Kirschmann},
Hemoglobin Petah Tikva. a new unstable a-chain structural variant. was identified in two unrelated children whose families are from the Iraqi Jewish community of Baghdad. Both children have a-thalassemia. with hematologic features of mild HbH disease. The abnormal hemoglobin from the two patients did not separate from hemoglobin A by electrophoresis or chromatography. but the mutant a-chain emerged ahead of aA in carboxymethylcellulose column chromatography. allowing it to be isolated in pure… CONTINUE READING