Wireless Sensor Network Deployment for Building Environmental Monitoring and Control

  title={Wireless Sensor Network Deployment for Building Environmental Monitoring and Control},
  author={Essa Jafer and Rostislav Spinar and Paul Stack and Se{\'a}n Cian O'Mathuna and Dirk Pesch},
It is commonly agreed that a 15-40% reduction of building energy consumption is achievable by efficiently operated buildings when compared with typical practice. Existing research has identified that the level of information available to Building Managers with existing Building Management Systems and Environmental Monitoring Systems (BMS/EMS) is insufficient to perform the required performance based building assessment. The majority of today’s buildings are insufficiently sensored to obtain an… 

Design and deployment of a new wireless sensor node platform for building environmental monitoring and control

A wireless sensor network mote hardware design and implementation are introduced particularly for building deployment application and the core of the mote design is based on the 8-bit AVR microcontroller and 2.4 GHz wireless communication chip, CC2420.

A sensor network for predicting and maintaining occupant comfort

This paper describes a sensor network that has been designed and deployed to monitor the environmental conditions within a large multi-use building. The conditions measured across this network

Industrial area environmental monitoring based on transducers with MODBUS communication

The monitoring of environmental parameters in industrial areas where potential sources of pollution exist is very important from the point of view of prevention of environmental accidents. In this

Design Methodologies of Wireless Sensors Instrumentation Systems for Monitoring and Control

The development of a wireless sensor micro-systems containing all the components of data acquisition system, such as sensors, signal-conditioning circuits, analog-digital converter, embedded

IoT Technology with Fuzzy Logic Control Integrated System to Achieve Comfort Environment

The practical approach to acquire data using WSN and IoT technology is presented which then lead to the development of fuzzy logic control of the air conditioner with the aim to reduce its overall power consumption.

A Systematic Method of Integrating BIM and Sensor Technology for Sustainable Construction Design

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has received lots of attention of construction field, and sensor technology was applied in construction data collection. This paper developed a method to integrate



Integrating building automation systems and wireless sensor networks

By implementing and evaluating the open BAS standard BACnet on resource-constrained sensor nodes, it is shown that integrating existing standard BAS protocols with wireless sensor networks is feasible.

On the Use of IEEE Std. 802.15.4 to Enable Wireless Sensor Networks in Building Automation

A brief technical introduction of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard is presented and its applicability for building automation applications is analyzed.

Aspects of Multi-dimensional Building Performance Data Management

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