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Wireless Mesh Networking with XBee

  title={Wireless Mesh Networking with XBee},
  author={Vachirapol Mayalarp and Narisorn Limpaswadpaisarn and Thanachai Poombansao and Somsak Kittipiyakul},
We perform a performance evaluation of ZigBee mesh networks based on XBee modules, in terms of packet delay and received signal strength (RSSI). We evaluate the performance for both line-of-sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments in buildings and a parking lot. The results of our study are useful for building wireless sensor networks and communication networks of mobile robots where the communication distances between nodes are greater than the single-hop range and hence… 

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Comparative Performance Analysis of Wireless RSSI in Wireless Sensor Networks Motes in Tropical Mixed-crop Precision Farm

  • A. HarunM. F. Ramli M. N. Jaafar
  • Computer Science, Business
    2012 Third International Conference on Intelligent Systems Modelling and Simulation
  • 2012
Results show that the Xbee-PRO maintains very strong RSSI values in open field measurements that are sometime 15 dBm higher than those obtained from the IRIS and Microchip motes, and that the log-distance propagation model is a more flexible model that can be used to model a variety of channels, although it lacks standard global parameter values.

XBee Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature Monitoring

An embedded wireless sensor network (WSN) prototype system for temperature monitoring in a building will be used for management of air conditioning systems at SIIT and the ultimate goal is to help saving the energy cost and reducing energy consumption.

Development of Wireless Sensor Network System for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Throughputs obtained are efficient enough to use system as a reliable IAQ monitor, and analysis of obtained results in comparison with professional benchmark system to check system reliability is analyzed.

Intelligent Localization Algorithm for Temperature Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks

A novel and experimental implementation of localization algorithm for temperature monitoring system is successfully attempted through a combination of Arduino and Xbee, a Zigbee based wireless communication hardware module.

Energy consumption reduction in a pervasive environment using dynamic sink in WSN

  • R. KumarK. Ramakrishna
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Computer and Optimization Techniques (ICEECCOT)
  • 2016
The sink node is dynamic rather than being mobile, where the performance is determined by the parameters such as latency and energy, and its performance is compared with that of the mobile sink.

A Low-Cost Vehicular Traffic Monitoring System Using Fog Computing

The system presented in this study can be utilized to monitor the traffic and provide vital information about its behavior in relation to time and can be remotely accessed by utilizing fog and cloud computing infrastructure established to process the data and upload it on a server.

Fault-tolerance assessment of a Darwinian swarm exploration algorithm under communication constraints

Experimental results with 15 physical robots show that a more fault-tolerant strategy clearly influences the time needed to converge to the final solution but is less susceptible to robot failures.

Detection of Traffic Congestion for Highways

An embedded wireless sensor network(WSN) prototype system for detection of traffic congestion is presented, which consists of a microcontroller and transceiver module and may use magnetic sensor for Detection of vehicle passing on the node of road.

Implementation of a Low-Cost Vehicle Traffic Monitoring System in the Town of Corfu

The proposed low-cost road traffic monitoring system can by utilized to monitor traffic and locate areas where traffic congestion events are possible to happen in order to support enhanced urban transfer services in smart cities.

A Working Prototype Using DS18B20 Temperature Sensor and Arduino for Health Monitoring

A working prototype system for real-time health-monitoring system using DS18B20 temperature sensor, Arduino Nano with micro-controller ATmega328 where Zigbee module is used for wireless communication and sensor data gets acquired and analyzed to give proper feedback to the patient.



XBee Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature Monitoring

An embedded wireless sensor network (WSN) prototype system for temperature monitoring in a building will be used for management of air conditioning systems at SIIT and the ultimate goal is to help saving the energy cost and reducing energy consumption.

Applications of Zigbee Wireless Technology Tomeasurement System in Grain Storage

A wireless sensor network based on ZigBee protocol for the measurement system in grain storage was developed and tested as an alternative to the cable system, which showed better efficiencies of the cost and time in the installation and maintenance than a cable system.

FireFly Mosaic: A Vision-Enabled Wireless Sensor Networking System

FireFly Mosaic is presented, a wireless sensor network image processing framework with operating system, networking and image processing primitives that assist in the development of distributed vision-sensing tasks and is the first wireless sensor networking system to integrate multiple coordinating cameras performing local processing.

Self-organized flocking in mobile robot swarms

The experiments show that the range of communication is the main factor that determines the maximum number of robots that can flock together and that the behavior is highly robust against the other two VHS characteristics.

Zigbee Wireless Networking

This book is written for engineers who plan to develop ZigBee applications and networks, to understand how they work, and to evaluate this technology to see if it is appropriate to a particular project.

Wireless Mesh Controller Networks

Xbee ZNet 2 . 5 / XBee Pro ZNeet 2 . 5 OEM RF Modules , v 1 . x . 4 x ed . , Digi International Inc . , Nov . 2008 . [ 11 ] Arduino . [ Online ]

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