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Wireless Internet and m-Business: How to Program

  title={Wireless Internet and m-Business: How to Program},
  author={H. Deitel and P. Deitel and T. R. Nieto},
From the Publisher: Learn how to build winning wireless and mobile business solutions, start to finish! In this 1400-page book, the best-selling authors of the How to Program Series apply their proven methodology and signature Live-Code™TM Approach to teaching wireless/mobile application development!This book covers every key aspect of building wireless Internet and mobile business applications: programming, location-based technologies, e-marketing, wireless payment options, security — even… 
Model Checking and Verification of the Internet Payment System with SPIN
The Internet Payment System is translated into a simpler model that nevertheless preserves all the essential behavior to be verified, and model checking method is employed to verify the security and reliability of the Internet Payment Systems.
Denial of Service Attack on Mobile Phones using Java Mobile Bluetooth API
Bluetooth is deployed in millions of devices nowadays and is one of the popular protocols for wireless connectivity. Its specification offers security, ease of use and interoperability among a
A Mobile Agents Based Architecture for the Distributed Processing of Continuous Location Queries in a Wireless Environment: Performance Evaluation
This paper presents the distributed architecture, based on mobile agents, that is proposed to process continuous location-dependent queries in mobile environments and evaluates the system, showing that the system achieves a good precision and scales up well.