Winter wheat fertilizing using nitrogen–sulphur fertilizer

  title={Winter wheat fertilizing using nitrogen–sulphur fertilizer},
  author={Martin Kulhánek and Jiř{\'i} Bal{\'i}k and Jindřich {\vC}ern{\'y} and L. Peklov{\'a} and Ondřej Sedl{\'a}ř},
Precise field experiments were established on two sites with winter wheat under different soil-climatic conditions in the Czech Republic. Four treatments were fertilized with same dose of nitrogen (200 kg N ha−1) and increasing dose of sulphur (0, 10, 20 and 40 kg S ha−1) using nitrogen–sulphur (N–S) fertilizer with calcium sulphate form. Soil and plant aboveground biomass samples were taken in the stages of development BBCH 26–28; 30–32; 37–39; 49–51. The winter wheat grain yield ranged… CONTINUE READING