Winter seasonality and rotavirus diarrhoea in adults.

  title={Winter seasonality and rotavirus diarrhoea in adults.},
  author={Hiroshi Nakajima and Toyoko Nakagomi and Terumi Kamisawa and Nobhiro Sakaki and Koji Muramoto and Tatsuya Mikami and Hiroyuki Nara and Osamu Nakagomi},
  volume={357 9272},
We investigated the aetiological role of group A rotavirus in adults with acute diarrhoea in a 4-year prospective study. Of 683 patients with acute diarrhoea, 97 (14%) shed rotavirus as a sole agent, whereas six (5%) of 115 patients without diarrhoea shed rotavirus. Half of patients with rotavirus diarrhoea required admission to hospital. Unlike rotavirus diarrhoea in children, the occurrence of rotavirus-positive cases did not show a significant winter seasonality. Rotavirus infection should… CONTINUE READING

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