Winter Host Plant Specialization in a Host-Alternating Aphid

  title={Winter Host Plant Specialization in a Host-Alternating Aphid},
  author={Jonas P. Sandstr{\"o}m and Jan Pettersson},
  journal={Journal of Insect Behavior},
The host alternating aphid, Rhopalosiphum padi (L.), feeds in summer on several different species of grasses but is monophagous on its winter host, Prunus padus L. The monophagy on P. padus could be a result of the restricted host range of the several different generations colonizing, or feeding, on this host during autumn–winter–spring. This study shows that the winter host plant specificity of R. padi is controlled mainly by the preference of the females remigrating (gynoparae) to the winter… CONTINUE READING