Winter 1947 in the British Isles

  title={Winter 1947 in the British Isles},
  author={George C. Booth},
  • G. Booth
  • Published 1 March 2007
  • Physics
  • Weather
Reconstruction of a long‐term historical daily maximum and minimum air temperature network dataset for Ireland (1831‐1968)
The extension of spatial and temporal coverage of digital daily maximum and minimum air temperature observations is indispensable for a greater understanding of past climate variability. Long‐term
A hazard model of sub-freezing temperatures in the United Kingdom using vine copulas
  • S. Koumoutsaris
  • Environmental Science
    Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
  • 2019
Abstract. Extreme cold weather events, such as the winter of 1962/63, the third coldest winter ever recorded in the Central England Temperature record, or more recently the winter of 2010/11, have
An assessment of the possible impacts of climate change on snow and peak river flows across Britain
A temperature-based snow module has been coupled with a grid-based distributed hydrological model, to improve simulations of river flows in upland areas of Britain subject to snowfall and snowmelt.
A review of snow in Britain
  • A. Kay
  • Environmental Science
  • 2016
Climate change is likely to have a significant effect on snow globally, with most effect where current winter temperatures are close to 0°C, including parts of upland Britain. There is evidence of
Snow in Britain: the historical picture and future projections
  • A. Kay
  • Environmental Science
  • 2016
• The formation of snow is a complex process. Snow that reaches the ground can melt quickly or remain for periods from days to months, but most of Britain does not usually experience sustained
Examining the social consequences of extreme weather: the outcomes of the 1946/1947 winter in upland Wales, UK
Extreme forms of weather are predicted to become more frequent experiences in the future. However, the hardest event to mitigate against is the unexpected. In the UK, the occurrence of winter
The UK winter of 2009/2010 compared with severe winters of the last 100 years
When severe British winters of the last 100 years are considered, those of 19631 and 1947 are usually the first that come to mind. More recent candidates include 1979 and 1982. Should winter 2010 now
The heavy snowfall of 18 December 2010 across the English south Midlands
Figure 8. Hoar frost at RAF Shawbury (Shropshire) at 1030 UTC on 7 December 2010. The air temperature was −7.7°C with a minimum that morning of −10.0°C. The instruments are (back) a Kipp & Zonen