Window technique on circumcision

  title={Window technique on circumcision},
  author={Halil Başar and Erdal Yilmaz and Mehmed Murat Basar and Ertan Batislam and Devrim Tuğlu},
  journal={International Urology and Nephrology},
To remove the preputium by using a simple, quick and safe method without damaging glans, frenulum and urethra as well as with a good cosmetic result. The procedure, remind the guillotine technique at first, but completely different from it. Basically, a long haemostat is applied onto preputium and skin and subdermal tissue were incised; a small window is opened at dorsal of preputial mucosa and it is excised, while observing glans and frenulum. The circumcisions were performed in a quick, safe… CONTINUE READING
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