Windkessel Model Analysis in Matlab


This paper briefly describes three Windkessel models and demonstrates application of Matlab for mathematical modelling and simulation experiments with the models. Windkessel models are usually used to describe basic properties vascular bed and to study relationships among hemodynamic variables in great vessels. Analysis of a systemic or pulmonary arterial load described by parameters such as arterial compliance and peripheral resistance, is important, for example, in quantifying the effects of vasodilator or vasoconstrictor drugs. Also, a mathematical model of the relationship between blood pressure and blood flow in the aorta and pulmonary artery can be useful, for example, in the design, development and functional analysis of a mechanical heart and/or heart-lung machines. We found that ascending aortic pressure could be predicted better from aortic flow by using the four-element windkessel than by using the three-element windkessel or two-elment windkessel. The root-mean-square errors were smaller for the four-element windkessel.

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