Winding out of the Swamp: Evading the weak gravity conjecture with F-term winding inflation?

  title={Winding out of the Swamp: Evading the weak gravity conjecture with F-term winding inflation?},
  author={Arthur Hebecker and P Daisy Mangat and Fabrizio Rompineve and Lukas T. Witkowski},
Article history: Received 20 April 2015 Received in revised form 9 July 2015 Accepted 14 July 2015 Available online 23 July 2015 Editor: A. Ringwald We present a new model of large field inflation along a winding trajectory in the field space of two axionic fields, where the “axions” originate from the complex structure moduli sector of a Calabi–Yau 3-fold at large complex structure. The winding trajectory arises from fixing one combination of axions by bulk fluxes and allows for a… CONTINUE READING

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