Wind turbine control monitor system simulation and validation


In this paper, Using Labview as a tool, to take virtual equipment instead of a real object to control the system and improve system performance. Not only save money but also can change any profile an one wish. Using Labview characteristic of the human-machine interface transfer data in graphical results. This paper is applied to wind turbine monitor and sensors control system, using orintation technique to transfer in system, and put the graphical interface with real-time to display. In this paper, plans to the LabuVIEW software tools control in order to establish a Modbus Communication Interface-Based Data Acquisition System. So that the system will be real time acquire wind turbine data (wind speed, wind direction, power flow, voltage and power generation volume data rate, etc.)Using the Internet could be transfer in short time to monitor the system, so that can calculate the wind turbine power efficiency in real weather conditions. Compare with the model value then, to improve the wind turbine new form are to help design and understand electric power transfer efficiency. The results will be show there dependent the customer requirements, after human-machine interface for transmission via RS485 interface, the transmission interface will as close as to meet the input data without a large distortion, and are Design-to-customer in an wide area.

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@article{Fu2010WindTC, title={Wind turbine control monitor system simulation and validation}, author={Ho-Ling Fu and Wei-Chiang Chang}, journal={2010 International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (3CA)}, year={2010}, volume={1}, pages={6-9} }