Wind speed modeled as an indexed semi‐Markov process

  title={Wind speed modeled as an indexed semi‐Markov process},
  author={Guglielmo D’Amico and Filippo Petroni and Flavio Prattico},
The production of energy through wind turbines is increasing enormously in the latest years. To better design wind turbines, a good model for wind speed is needed. In a previous paper, we showed that semi‐Markov processes are more appropriate for this purpose than simple Markov processes, but to reach an accurate reproduction of real data features, high order models should be used. In this work, we introduce an indexed semi‐Markov process that is able to reproduce the most important statistical… 

Insurance Contracts for Hedging Wind Power Uncertainty

This paper presents an insurance contract that the supplier of wind power may subscribe to with an insurance company in order to immunize his/her revenue against the volatility of wind power and

Measuring the Resilience of Energy Distribution Systems

Energy distribution systems are vulnerable to diverse and dynamic disruptions, so the U.S. Department of Energy is developing a strategy to improve the resilience of these systems. In support of this